Getting to Camp

Families are encouraged to arrive from 8-9pm on Friday.

  • If you can, please try to arrive by 8:30. We will need to provide a COVID screening and help get your bags to your cabins, and we plan to all meet again at 9pm for introductions and ice cream!

  • It will be dark by this time, so please pay close attention to your GPS as you navigate the back roads that lead you to camp.

  • Upon arrival to Camp Bernie, KEEP DRIVING through camp. You will come to the main parking lot when you cannot drive any further (the first building you will see upon arrival is the Main Office--do NOT stop there, but keep going! Trust us, you'll know when to park, and it's not there.)

If you run into any questions or difficulties, please call or text Steph at (781) 436-0767‬. Even if you're just running late, we want to hear from you!