Who will be at Stone's Throw???

Stone's Throw is filled by experienced camp, coaching, and wellness professionals. Meet some of the wonderful volunteers getting excited to welcome you.

Jessica: Mental Health Pro

Jessica is a licensed clinical psychologist and the President and Founder of The Nava Center, a nonprofit providing affordable trauma therapy and antiracism trainings in Philadelphia, PA. She is very excited to be back in a camp environment since she spent her summers from 8-17 at sleep away camp and missed it very much. In her free time, she listens to audiobook and she tries to get her dog to hug her back.

Fun fact: Jessica used to be Steph's boss!

MARIA: Actual Camp Expert

Maria Lepore-Stevens is a life-long summer camp participant with a background in camps for youth with disabilities. Maria spends her summers directing Camp Abilities educational sports camps for athletes with visual impairments in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. When she isn't at camp, Maria works as a professor of adapted physical education at Rowan University and holds dual certification as an adapted physical educator and orientation and mobility instructor.

JESS: Awesome at All Things

Hi, I'm Jess and I'm from Australia. I have been working in the summer camp industry for the last six years, and I really love working with young people. Music is one of my biggest passions in life, and I really enjoy teaching and sharing my musical knowledge with young people. I also really love being outdoors and I am an avid flora and fauna enthusiast. I'm also fit and active and I love to talk all things sports.

JAZMINE: Superhuman

Jazmine Moore is a Paramedic, Mom, and Stone's Throw veteran --although last year she was a participant with her family (that picture is from STFW2020!). She loved it so much that she wants to come back to help other families benefit from the same experience. Jazmine will be popping in when she can to spread her wisdom, joy, and her generous smile (not shown below that mask, of course)--and maybe she'll help crown the next generation of Chill Zone Champs.